Tuesday, November 1

Hi!  How are you? I miss you like crazy even though it may not seem that way.   I'm sorry I abandoned you*.

I keep popping up and vanishing again.  I've felt more than a little like that's been true in my actual life too (as if this wasn't just as valid a part of my life, maybe more so, which it very much is).

I have a new job (which I'll probably talk about as much about as I ever have because I just don't feel comfortable mixing work and the internet, even less so now) - but in brief I'm a business systems analyst now instead of a customer service agent, which means salary and flexibility and Ease and Flow and brain-twisting puzzles to solve.

I've been in a Hermit year, reconnecting to Tarot and art and my spiritual and Witchy sides.  I got completely burnt out on fandom and heart break, and made a combination of conscious and unconscious decisions to remove the things in my life that weren't serving me, supporting me, or bringing me joy.  Desire Mapping happened.  Some things, I found I missed and I've started slowly adding them back in (knitting, how've you been?), other things I'm happier with out (goodbye, news media, I don't miss you at all) - and still other things I realized I'd set aside ages ago and was so burnt out and empty I didn't remember how much I needed them (art, witchcraft, and so forth).

Slowly, very slowly I'm adding things back in.  Fiction and fandom has been particularly hard; I invest so much mental energy into it, particularly when I dive all the way in as a writer and fangirl.  Confession time: I haven't even read fiction books all year, and I'm a full half season or so behind on Blindspot, and missed almost all the movies this summer.  I have been listening to The Black Tapes, and Tanis (I cannot recommend them highly enough, they're fantastic), and watching a lot of YouTube on Tarot and planners and magic and art.  (And true crime. So much true crime.)

And oh yeah, it's NaNoWriMo again. ;)

SAFF 2016 happened last weekend. So. Much. Yarn. ;)

*You, I suppose, being my  blog itself, or an intersection between the blog and the Reader, perhaps.
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