Thursday, December 8

Presented With (little) Additional Comment: #TarotSpreadDecember Days 1-5

Also, my deck collection, my crystals, and gratuitous cat, knitting, and planner pictures.

the "Month Ahead" Spread from the #tarotspreaddecember challenge

my usual Monthly spread from Angie's Tarot Planner

the Past/Present/Future spread from the challenge

my Project Peace cowl and relevant notes from the daily blog posts over at The Healthy Knitter.

my Current (ish) reading space.  except when I use the kitchen table.  or my desk. (this is the pretty one.)

the cards, the cat, and cards+cat

the current collection of stones and crystals

planning tools for the #planwithmechallenge

the week ahead spread for the december challenge

a variation on the celtic cross from the december challenge

a deck interview spread with my Gaian tarot

Monday's card for the day
The decks (in order of appearance in the spreads above):
Rome Choi and Kwon Shina's "Dreaming Way Tarot"
Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore's "Tarot of the Hidden Realms"
Vanessa Decort's "Sun and Moon Tarot"
Gertrude Hirschi's Mudra Cards
Joanna Powell Colbert's "Gaian Tarot"

Tuesday, November 1

Hi!  How are you? I miss you like crazy even though it may not seem that way.   I'm sorry I abandoned you*.

I keep popping up and vanishing again.  I've felt more than a little like that's been true in my actual life too (as if this wasn't just as valid a part of my life, maybe more so, which it very much is).

I have a new job (which I'll probably talk about as much about as I ever have because I just don't feel comfortable mixing work and the internet, even less so now) - but in brief I'm a business systems analyst now instead of a customer service agent, which means salary and flexibility and Ease and Flow and brain-twisting puzzles to solve.

I've been in a Hermit year, reconnecting to Tarot and art and my spiritual and Witchy sides.  I got completely burnt out on fandom and heart break, and made a combination of conscious and unconscious decisions to remove the things in my life that weren't serving me, supporting me, or bringing me joy.  Desire Mapping happened.  Some things, I found I missed and I've started slowly adding them back in (knitting, how've you been?), other things I'm happier with out (goodbye, news media, I don't miss you at all) - and still other things I realized I'd set aside ages ago and was so burnt out and empty I didn't remember how much I needed them (art, witchcraft, and so forth).

Slowly, very slowly I'm adding things back in.  Fiction and fandom has been particularly hard; I invest so much mental energy into it, particularly when I dive all the way in as a writer and fangirl.  Confession time: I haven't even read fiction books all year, and I'm a full half season or so behind on Blindspot, and missed almost all the movies this summer.  I have been listening to The Black Tapes, and Tanis (I cannot recommend them highly enough, they're fantastic), and watching a lot of YouTube on Tarot and planners and magic and art.  (And true crime. So much true crime.)

And oh yeah, it's NaNoWriMo again. ;)

SAFF 2016 happened last weekend. So. Much. Yarn. ;)

*You, I suppose, being my  blog itself, or an intersection between the blog and the Reader, perhaps.

Wednesday, May 18

The100DayProject: Day Seven (and Eight) - Daily Draws for Tuesday and Wednesday

Despite having a rough start this week (the "pollen count" weather pages are all lying to me and trying to claim that the pollen count is low. HA!) - I managed to lay out one of my favorite daily spreads (the lovely Morning Mug Energy Spread by so-aimless) two days in a row.


I am in love with this deck...

1. Black Coffee-What will energize me? (Strength)

This deck's take on Strength is all about breaking through obstacles to creativity with a combination of active energy (yang/animus) and and the knowledge and certainty that comes from listening to your heart (yin/anima).  This is all about engaging directly with inspiration and my creative drive, not just thinking about it but acting on it will be the most energizing action for me today.

2. Earl Grey-What will inspire me? (Judgement)

The Judgement card is all about reckonings, inspiration, dramatic changes, and new opportunities.  Here, it's all about getting sparked by new ideas and possibilities. (Note: I stumbled across a wonderful online mixed media course that I'm going to sign up for this summer and I'm really excited about it.)

3. Chamomile Tea-What will calm me down? (Six of Swords)

Focus.  Looking at things analytically.  Trying not to multitask too much.  (I love how all six swords zero in on the book he's reading.

4. Last Dregs-What will I put to rest? (Five of Wands)

Struggle and resistance.  (Note: In retrospect, this seems to be linked to both my tendency to think about artistic projects and opportunities and then bypass them (the above-mentioned class I'm going to take) and also my ongoing struggle with sleep.  I managed a full 8 hours last night, which was sorely needed.)

5. The Handle-What will hold everything together? (The Eight of Swords and the King of Cups)

Both of these cards "volunteered as tribute" (as it were).  In this deck, the eight of swords can indicate not only the somewhat false or surface sense of being trapped and blind to the situations around you, but also a multitude of choices being brought together and synthesized into a more complete whole.  

Combined with the King of Cups (air of water, or the considered, rational expression of emotional and spiritual reality), it's saying that the best way to keep things together and flowing today is to look at situations with both rational logic and heart-centered intuition.  Not just what seems like the best option on paper, but which one(s) generate an instinctive sense of "yes. This."

And now a "sneak peek" at today's spread: 

The Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort

I'm kind of liking the approach of coming back in the evening or the following morning to write up an analysis of the spread, so I'm going to try that the rest of the week.  Stay tuned!