Wednesday, February 22

february is *not* for finishing...

Well knitting this month has been a somewhat spectacular flop.

Super adorable cat being super adorable next to barely touched knitting.  Yes, she tucks her nose under her leg when she sleeps sometimes.  And yes, she has an exclamation point on her forehead.

It's been a rough month all the way 'round, actually.  Most nights and weekends I've found myself sitting on my couch or the floor in my living room, next to my knitting and fighting with myself about whether or not to pick it up.  Other (usually winning, options) have involved pixel flowers and click-click-boom games (or logic puzzles) on my phone while listening to an insane amount of true crime podcasts.

Well, mostly true crime.  Also Lovecraft, because I finally found a podcast with engaging, insightful hosts that summarize and analyze the complete works of HP Lovecraft which means that I can immerse myself in the mythos and phenomenon without actually having to read it.  Normally, I'm not an advocate of this method, but dude. I don't actually like his writing *style* in large doses and am more interested in the socio-cultural phenomenon, so.

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

You're welcome.  (They're also on all the podcasting platforms.  My personal favorite is PocketCast.)

I'm also mainlining the relatively new Cults of Our Lives podcast hosted by the lovely Halle George and Stasie Sereda.  It's brilliant and funny as hell and I love it.  I found it on Monday and have about 3 or 4 eps left to go.

I really need to do a podcast round-up post again one of these days.

Right now I'm climbing the walls.  I still don't feel like I have my year game plan in place yet.   I'm still struggling with project management and follow through.  I'm still struggling with using my planner as completely and regularly as I'd like.

The struggle is real...

Sunday night in my living room.

Struggle seems to be the watch word there.

Mostly I find I'm struggling with *myself* - there's a sh-t-ton of resistance going on in my brain that I haven't found a way around yet, mostly because I haven't pinned down where it's actually coming from.

It's trying to be spring outside and I'm torn between being like "THANK G_D YES PLEASE I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE" and "... ... ... ... ...".


(Let the sneezing begin.)

Monday, February 13

Dionysian Fangirl Problems...

When you have to go into Shavasana early during your office-lunch-yoga-group practice because Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" comes on the playlist and you have a sudden juxtaposition of that song and ALL THE ROGUE ONE FEELS** (and you'd really rather not actually bawl like a baby in front of your coworkers today).

**why isn't there a vid of this???

Thursday, February 2

Ahhh, February...

When a knitter's heart turns to thoughts of FINISHING ALL THE THINGS.

February is for Finishing has been a tradition in these parts of the world/blogosphere for years now (please see Kade's blog for a more compleat accounting of such goings on).  As such, it's usually when, if I'm going to get any knitting or crocheting momentum going for the year, that's gonna happen.

I very much want to get both my knitting and my ravelry mojo back.  Plskthnx.

At the same time, I am trying to invest more energy into, and retain the ground I've gained with, my planning system.  Well, not so much the system itself as the habit of using said system.  And journaling, which I've discovered over the past year.  And all those little health habits I'm supposed to do daily (and not just "supposed to" be doing because someone said so, but no, really, actually am supposed to be doing because I know from experience these things make me happier, more comfortable, and saner, like, IDK, drinking plenty of water?  Yes, that.)

Clear as mud so far? Good.  Thought so.

I've been thinking about blogging, too.  About why I've had *so much* trouble blogging the last few years, and where the confusion or resistance is coming from.  At least part of it has been because I'm not really sure what this blog should be.  I want to write, and feel connected, I feel like I'm more myself and more the person I *want* to be when I do blog, so I know my generalized reasons for wanting to.  But what I don't feel like I have is a central "theme".  The other thirds of our little hive mind (Kade and Jess) have ostensibly knitting-themed blogs.

I've found though, that I want something much more holistic.  I don't always want to talk about knitting.  Sometimes I don't have any knitting to talk about.  (We won't get into my yardage knit for the last two or three years, k?)  Sometimes I want to talk about other things I'm passionate about: tarot and oracle cards, for instance, or witchcraft, or fandom (maybe someday maybe), or podcasts, or writing, or planning, or art journaling... or heck, even cooking*.

But in the spirit of February first, I'm going to at least start with the knitting.

The Projects in Progress (not counting deep, deep hibernation on one or two very long term things) are, in no particular order:

"Uncommon Dragon" socks (Lara Neel) in KP Stroll "peapod"

Even Flow Cardigan (Joji Locatelli) in Morning Meadows Alpaca

Comfort and Joy "Project Peace Cowl" (Chrstina Campbell) in Dragonfly Fibers Pixie "Urban Fox"

Knit Your Love (Martina Behm) in Wandering Wool's Saranac Fingering

This Bliss Cowl (Fatimah Hinds) in Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock "Big Sky"

Lithos Cardigan (Jennifer Dassau) in KP Biggo "Rabbit Heather"

Please note that the extant photos are the most recent taken, but do not necessarily show the actual progress on the project(s) in question.   ;)

* We're doing HomeChef now and it's been both a life changer and a life saver, really for real.