Wednesday, February 22

february is *not* for finishing...

Well knitting this month has been a somewhat spectacular flop.

Super adorable cat being super adorable next to barely touched knitting.  Yes, she tucks her nose under her leg when she sleeps sometimes.  And yes, she has an exclamation point on her forehead.

It's been a rough month all the way 'round, actually.  Most nights and weekends I've found myself sitting on my couch or the floor in my living room, next to my knitting and fighting with myself about whether or not to pick it up.  Other (usually winning, options) have involved pixel flowers and click-click-boom games (or logic puzzles) on my phone while listening to an insane amount of true crime podcasts.

Well, mostly true crime.  Also Lovecraft, because I finally found a podcast with engaging, insightful hosts that summarize and analyze the complete works of HP Lovecraft which means that I can immerse myself in the mythos and phenomenon without actually having to read it.  Normally, I'm not an advocate of this method, but dude. I don't actually like his writing *style* in large doses and am more interested in the socio-cultural phenomenon, so.

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

You're welcome.  (They're also on all the podcasting platforms.  My personal favorite is PocketCast.)

I'm also mainlining the relatively new Cults of Our Lives podcast hosted by the lovely Halle George and Stasie Sereda.  It's brilliant and funny as hell and I love it.  I found it on Monday and have about 3 or 4 eps left to go.

I really need to do a podcast round-up post again one of these days.

Right now I'm climbing the walls.  I still don't feel like I have my year game plan in place yet.   I'm still struggling with project management and follow through.  I'm still struggling with using my planner as completely and regularly as I'd like.

The struggle is real...

Sunday night in my living room.

Struggle seems to be the watch word there.

Mostly I find I'm struggling with *myself* - there's a sh-t-ton of resistance going on in my brain that I haven't found a way around yet, mostly because I haven't pinned down where it's actually coming from.

It's trying to be spring outside and I'm torn between being like "THANK G_D YES PLEASE I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE" and "... ... ... ... ...".


(Let the sneezing begin.)

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