Friday, January 22

Compare and Contrast - AO3 Meme 2013 vs. 2016

Despite how my AO3 account looks right now (sans updates - sorry guys!), sometimes I write fic.

Sometimes I write a lot of fic.

It's time for that AO3 Meme again.*

I last did this meme back in August of 2013, but I'm not sure I ever posted it. (I did save it to Evernote, though, with my answers at the time.) And since I am home on a snow day (SNOW DAY!) I thought a comparison/update was in order.

P.S. The first question was "Account Created", which of course, hasn't changed between 2013 and now - I've had my account on AO3 since 12/21/2009, courtesy of the Yuletide small/rare fandom fic exchange.

August 2013 January 2016
Total Stories 60 83
Total Wordcount 172,303 243,399
Average Wordcount 2872 2933
Shortest Story The Lesson (Farscape) The Lesson (Farscape)
Total Kudos 1936 4591
Average Kudos per Story 32 55
Story with the Most Kudos Non-Networked Solutions (Avengers) Non-Networked Solutions (Avengers)
Total Comment Threads 258 412
Average Comment Threads per Story 4 5
Story with the Most Comment Threads Heavy in Your Arms (Avengers) Heavy in Your Arms (Avengers)
Total Author Subscriptions 42 76
Total Story Subscriptions 73 299
Story with the Most Subscriptions Heavy in Your Arms (Avengers) Auld Lang Syne (Avengers)
Total Bookmarks 272 688
Story with the Most Bookmarks Heavy in Your Arms (Avengers) Heavy in Your Arms (Avengers)
Stories with No Comments or Kudos Post-Apocalyptic Sex (BSG),
In the Infirmary
(Harry Potter), Falling (Harry Potter)
Everything has at least 1 Kudo or Comment on it! \O/
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