Monday, January 18

X-Files Season Two: Episodes 9-12 (Firewalker, Red Museum, Excelsis Dei)

It's like "Ice" only warmer.

2x09: Firewalker

This is pretty much Ice, only warmer, and with a handful of "no really, I can go back to work now, Mulder" undertones from Scully.

2x10: Red Museum

It's interesting which episodes I forget are actually Conspiracy arc stories. But this is the return of Purity Control, along with Scully realizing that she recognizes the man who killed Deep Throat.

Scully absolutely admits that there's the possibility Purity Control has an extra-terrestrial origin.

2x11: Excelsis Dei

I love the casual acknowledgement throughout the series of Mulder's porn habit.

I'll come right out and say that the sexual politics in this episode are a mess. It's a little like the spousal rape episode of Barney Miller, both of which attempt to address what were "new" (in terms of media attention) subjects for their time, and in both cases, looking back decades later, did a horrible job. I'm in no way qualified to address those kinds of points, but just be warned, it's uncomfortable to watch and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. None of which is helped by Mulder (in particular) being written quite a bit outside character here, in terms of how he reacts to the nurse making the rape allegations. There's a very narrow segment of people that Mulder dismisses like that, and it usually includes government suits or people deliberately trying to derail their investigation, and doesn't make any sense here.

Also, DANA KATHERINE SCULLY. You know VERY WELL that mushrooms and fungi can cause hallucinations. YOU JUST SAID THAT. Why are you all of a sudden like "no, nothing could be causing that I don't know what you mean"? Have I mentioned the writing in this episode is just terrible? Because it is. (It was bad enough that I had to go look up the writer and make sure that it was a one-off and not a normal series writer. I mean yes, we joke about John Shiban and the animal episodes, but this was so much worse.)

2x12: Aubrey

Nothing struck me as requiring much commentary on this one.

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