Wednesday, March 9

Happy Spring!

my Birth Chart laid out in Karma Cards

Spring has (very suddenly) sprung here, and big changes have been afoot in the House of ... well, you know what, we don't have a "house of" type of name around here.  "House of CyberMathWitch" just doesn't have any ring to it.

But!  Changes, regardless!

All the witchiness I'd kind of (inadvertently) set aside for awhile came roaring back with a vengeance around the end/beginning of the year and I found myself encountering both some old ideas (Tarot, astrology, and oracles) and some new (to me) ideas like chaos magick.  Along with that came a renewed interest in graphic arts and journaling (vs. fiction writing).  All of the priorities I'd set up for the year just... shifted.

I don't think this is a bad thing.  There's a whole big side of myself that had been (for lack of a better word) "asleep" for quite a long time.  Then I woke up and:

Oh yeah.  I'm a witch.

the newly set-up altar space including: my mala and prayer beads, a candle
for Dionysus, my bells, peppermint oil, my Persephone oil, crystals, and tarot

I mention this, because it does impact my goals for the year, and because it will change some of the focus of what I post here.  I'm not abandoning fandom or knitting by any means and planning is still high on my priority list, but there's liable to be more rambling about magic, Tarot, astrology and so on.

So!  March Goals! (Yes, I'm a week late.  It's better than not at all so I'll take it. ;)  )

- Plan and begin a Lent Observance (more on this later)
- Get 7+ hours sleep each night
- Start a meditation practice
- Set up Instagram graphics for NaNointheBoro
- Set up the Schedule for April CampNaNo(intheBoro)
- March books (more later)
- Support and participate in MarySue Boot Camp
- Choose and journal on a card(s) daily

So, since we're also looking at a week one wrap up, here goes:

- The Lent plan is about 75% done.  I just need to go tighten up and finalize a couple details and set down some specific food/menu goals and ideas so it doesn't fall apart on me from a logistics perspective.  The big focus here is going to be on purification and rejuvenation, and there will be art magick to go along with it.
- I'm not hitting 7 hours of sleep (yet) but I am getting myself into bed earlier, so I'm getting there.
- I have been looking at and playing with some binaural beats and general music meditation recordings, as well as some guided meditations, but I still need to work on consistency.
- The graphics and scheduling for Camp are slated for later in the month, I haven't actually started the books originally intended for March (but am several chapters into Benebell Wen's fantastic "Holistic Tarot")
- I am endeavoring to be support-y pants for my fellow boot campers, and
- I've been a little hit-or-miss with the journaling on cards (I'm starting out by working my way through my Karma Card deck), but I have been doing some of them, so that's going okay.
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