Tuesday, January 20

That Mary Sue You Thing

A friend of mine on Ravelry posted the following cartoon one day:

I had an immediate THAT'S IT! moment.

I started really thinking about the idea of "writing fanfiction" of my life - not so much in the most literal sense, but dovetailing it with multiple productivity articles I've read over the years (thank you, Lifehacker) about visualizing how you want things to go in order to improve your confidence, energy, and how you approach the situation or day.  I've known for years that if I have reasonable expectations about how a day is going to go I handle things better - it's the difference between knowing when I leave the house in the morning that I'm going to have to go to the grocery store after work and expecting it as opposed to realizing at 4:30 that I can't go straight home and I have what suddenly feels like "ALL THE ERRANDS" to run.

The last few years I've felt like I was adrift, only reacting to instead of acting on the world around me.  Now, I don't mean to imply trying to exert a hyper-obsessive level of control on the world around me.  I do mean thinking about the person I want to be, and imagining how she would go about her day.

I shared the idea with the rest of the Hive Mind, and all three of us are experimenting with this idea in different ways.  Right off the bat we realized there needed to be a few guidelines, though.  First and foremost, our "Mary Sues" can't be fundamentally different from us as we are now.  Things like health constraints (I'm diabetic, for instance) that we can't change have to be a part of who Mary Sue Me (or You) is.  All three of us are married, and none of us are contemplating divorce, so none of our Mary Sues can be footloose and fancy free single ladies hitting up all the clubs on a Saturday night.  It's about figuring out and hopefully growing into the best version of ourselves, not about giving ourselves impossible goals that we'll just beat ourselves up over for not being able to reach.

For me, blogging is a really important cornerstone for this approach, and this is what ultimately settled me on starting to blog again.  It's easier for me to channel myself into that better, wish-fulfillment version of myself when I'm (at least a little bit) on a public stage.  Carrot, stick, I'm not sure which, yet, but there you go.

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