Thursday, January 22

Thursday Wrap-Up Post

One thing I'm going to be experimenting with here is how much or how little to post and share.  Given that the Mary Sue project is one of my primary motivations, and by it's very nature it's all about the day-to-day-ness of life, I suspect that posts like this one are going to be a big, meaty portion of the content.  Not the only content by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm sure I'll experiment with what the daily wrap-ups contain, and undoubtedly I'll miss days here and there, but hopefully I'll make them somewhat entertaining all the same.  Positive, constructive feedback is welcome!

On Thursdays We:

  • make coffee make our husband make us coffee because it's his day off
  • go to work, like all good little worker-bees
  • eat leftovers for dinner (hooray! no cooking!)
  • blog
Aaaaaaaaaaand since I'm not in the company bowling league, that was all that was on my agenda for the day.

Except that's all the boring stuff, right?  Now for the good great parts:

I got my latest order from The Bar-Maids today.

A full-sized Lo-Lo in Hookah Girl, smaller Wild Rose and
Ella Mint, a Cuticle stick and a tester of Eve's Folly

Things Heard, But Not Seen:

I'm making my way through the back episodes of "Stuff You Missed in Hisotry Class", which is a fabulous, fabulous podcast that's exactly what it says on the tin.  The hosts (there are several, since the podcast has been going since around 2008) take you through obscure or just under-explored moments in history.  The audio quality is excellent, and so far all the hosts are extremely engaging.  I've made myself a playlist of all the episodes under 20 minutes and I'm listening to those first, so I'm going through quite a few in a day.

Things Seen, But Not Heard: 

I didn't get much reading done today, just a handful of articles here and there.  I've got a slew of comics and novels I want to bump to the front of my mental queue though.  (Meanwhile, Brian is powering through the entire Anita Blake series in about a week and half.  Yes, you read that right.  It'll probably take me about five or six times longer.)

The best bits by far to come across my dash today were:

No knitting was harmed (or attempted) in the making of this day.

The end.

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